Interior Insulation & Fireproofing Services in Arizona


1604 Specialties LLC is a family-oriented fireproofing, insulation, and waterproofing contract services company. We are based out of Chandler, Arizona. Explore our full range of services that are available at competitive prices.

Intumescent & Cementitious Fireproofing

Strengthen the structural stability with high-quality intumescent and cementitious fireproof services. Whether you are looking for visible or non-visible coatings, our team has the expertise to provide the best application services.

Firestop Systems

We are experts at the application of sophisticated firestop systems for buildings. Our team ensures to protect building structures with passive fire protection systems on conduits, ducts, and enclosure systems.

Joint Sealants

Sealants application helps new or existing buildings from fluid or water infiltration. Our team understands the factors that cause water seepage and tailors application process to block the passage of water of your building.


Let us help protect your buildings from water or moisture seepage. You can choose from our full range of waterproofing services.

Mechanical Expansion Joints

Temperature-induced expansion and contraction are inevitable. Our team provides expert services to hold parts together while absorbing the impact. We are your go-to expansion joint contractors for mechanical expansion joint systems.

Sound & Specialty Insulation

We provide sound insulation for better acoustics. Through foam injection, the sound gets better in any closed environment. It reduces echo effect and improves sound distribution across an industrial floor or building.